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Wednesday, February 4, 2015

CNY Sportsman’s Show Offers Fun For Entire Family

The popular Central New York Sportsman’s Show returns to the Oneida Kallet Civic Center on Saturday, offering a chance to escape the winter doldrums, take advantage of bargains in sporting goods and have a chance to learn more about your favorite sports.
This is your chance to support a local school as well as many local businesses. Vendors range from tackle shops, clothing, game calls, cooking supplies, and more. Whether you are a hunter, fisherman, paddler or photographer, there will be something to see, learn or purchase.
Meet and learn about many of the conservation organizations that work to preserve hunting and fishing opportunities in upstate New York, including Fish Creek Atlantic Salmon Club, NYS Outdoorsmen Hall of Fame, Trout Unlimited and CNY Wildfowlers.
Once again the show will offer visitors the opportunity to meet with guides covering Lake Ontario and other popular inland waters such as Otisco Lake, as well as Adirondack adventures. Even if you don’t sign up for a charter on Saturday you should stop and visit and find out the details of fishing and what the expectations are. Later you can discuss this with family or friends and make reservations for an exciting and productive trip.
Deer hunters can talk to renowned Adirondack deer hunters Tony and Pat Salerno who have been featured in North American Whitetail and Adirondack Outdoors magazines. You will also have the opportunity to visit with author of deer hunting books, Bob Elinskas, and legendary deer hunters and trackers Jim Massett and Joe DiNitto. Have your racks scored and learn more about the NYS Big Buck Club.
Seminars include crossbow fundamentals at 9:45 a.m., birds of prey at 10:15, Utica Zoo at 11:15, Wild About Cooking (game and fish) at noon, goose hunting at 12:45 p.m, summer salmon patterns at 1:45 and muzzleloading A–Z at 2:30.
The author’s table will allow you to meet and obtained signed copies of books by Bob Elinskas, Jay O’Hern, Nancy Best, Spider Rybaak, Michael Kelly, Eric Dresser, Sue Kiesel and Rob Streeter. These topics cover everything from fishing and hunting to wildlife photography and cooking.
If turkey hunting is your sport you should not miss the opportunity to learn from experts like Gary Campanie or Shawn Fox at their respective booths and purchase some of their quality products. Stop by the Adirondack Outdoors booth, pick up free samples and say hello.
Be sure to visit the NYS Sturgeons for Tomorrow booth to find out about these potential monster fish that are making a comeback in Oneida Lake. Tom Lenweaver’s wildlife art is a must stop if you enjoy fine art and outdoor subjects. Sample some of Dennis Dedek’s great offerings on the grill and take home a supply of Iron Skillet seasonings.
Hours will be 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. As always the key to the success of the show is the variety of exhibits and vendors and the fact that all booths are outdoor-related. The Show will culminate at 4 p.m. with the presentation of the CNY Sportsman of the Year Award. See you at the Show!
Staying Warm in Winter
Earlier this week I was talking with my friend Joe about snowshoeing. But we agreed with the temperature well below zero that morning it not only made it unpleasant to be outside, it was even dangerous if you weren’t prepared.
Much of this winter there has been a lack of snow for traditional winter sports. But even in the areas north of here where there has been a little bit more snow, the frigid temperatures and wind chill have made many people hesitant to venture forth for very long.
Ice fishermen and downhill skiers have been out pursuing their sports but they are typically skilled at staying warm in extreme conditions. It is possible to enjoy sports like cross country skiing, snowshoeing or rabbit hunting but it takes knowledge and proper gear to stay warm in winter.
One of the considerations when the temperature gets this cold is always the danger of frostbite. Exposed flesh can suffer frostbite or at least frostnip when the temperature drops this low. Even other extremities such as hands and feet are in danger because the body constricts it circulation when it gets this cold so make sure they are warm as well as covered.
The old saying “if your hands and feet are cold, put on your hat” is still as valid as ever. Up to one half of the body’s heat can be lost through the top of the head so wearing a hat is important in winter. Since the bodily extremities like hands and feet are the first to feel the cold (due to body constricting blood vessels to conserve the heat) they need to be protected.
Wearing good gloves or mittens and footgear is vital in winter. The newer synthetics like Thinsulate gloves also come in gore-tex or similar breathable fabrics that allow moisture to escape. Mittens are even warmer than gloves. Inserting hand or foot warmers can be helpful in frigid weather.
Footgear is vital since it not only keeps you comfortable but also prevents serious problems like frostbite. Make sure your boots have felt liners or synthetic insulation. Wearing too many socks can be dangerous because that can restrict the circulation and cause heat loss.
Dressing warm means starting with clothing that provides warmth and wicks away moisture from the body since damp clothing will rob the body of heat. Synthetics such as Under Armor fit snugly for warmth yet keep you dry even if you are engaged in strenuous physical activity. Adding layers of wool, fleece or insulated garments will help preserve the temperature of the core of your body.
Your outer garments should be wool or some synthetic material that repels moisture. Wool will keep you warm even if it gets wet, although it becomes heavy and getting wet in winter is definitely not recommended. The newer jackets or pants have synthetic down or other types of insulation that will help keep you warm without adding bulk or weight.
Fuel the furnace before going outside. Although we may need to watch our calories in order to shed pounds gained over the holidays, the day you spend outside in the cold is not one of them. Fuel your furnace with a hearty breakfast or lunch. Complex carbohydrates will help produce heat and energy. Carry high energy snacks or granola bars to periodically give yourself an energy boost. Coffee isn’t really goof for winter warm ups, although it may feel good going down. Caffeine constricts the blood vessels making it more difficult for your body to keep the circulation going. It also is a diuretic, which may leave you thirsty and slightly dehydrated also having a negative effect on circulation. You should drink lots of water, since dehydration and lower blood volume will impair your body’s ability to circulate blood and heat.
Ice Fishing
The bitter cold temperatures have helped form several more inches of ice but they have also kept a lot of ice fishermen home. Several snowstorms in the north country have also hampered access to the ice. Snow has covered local lakes so ice fishermen should be careful of pressure cracks on the ice when heading out.
Those fishermen that have ventured on Oneida Lake report that they have been starting to pick up some walleye. Panfish and perch have been biting in the sheltered areas like Big Bay. Up on Sandy Pond pike have been hitting but the perch fishing has been slow. Other anglers have been going to Lake Delta for walleye or to Piseco Lake in search of lake trout.


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